Utah State Railroad Museum
The Utah State Railroad Museums in Ogden is the state's tribute to the job of the "iron pony" in interfacing Utah to the remainder of the country. This exhibition hall highlights reestablished trains and autos, some going back to 1800s. Displays follow out the Utah's bind to the structure of the cross-country railroad and offer the sights and sounds from the brilliant period of rail travel, including a train test system that offers a designer's perspective on the rails. Individual narratives and remarkable antiquities enliven an incredible American custom. 

Guests to Union Station and its gallery are comprised of Ogden occupants and voyagers. The individuals who go to the Station and its exhibition hall find out about its job in train travel, noteworthy relocations, and Ogden's proceeding with commitment to mechanical development. The City to safeguard the Station and its exhibition hall for who and what is to come and to be an innovator in memorable conservation, the elucidation of assorted perspectives, and network commitment.

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Union Station, 2501 Wall Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401, United States